Tuesday 28 March 2017

House started moving around 7 with Pepper’s new schedule. SqueekMoo slept through his 6:45 alarm but was quick to wake when I went in. 

Pepper went out and did not do her business. SqueekMoo tasks for the morning were to let Pepper out at 7, feed at 7:30, out again at 8, have breakfast by 9, and empty dishwasher by 9. 

While he did this NuzzleMoo woke and wanted his presence known. Cereal for SqueekMoo. Yogurt and cereal for NuzzleMoo and me. NuzzleMoo watched Mickey Mouse club house while I got ready for the day. 

9 am informal lessons began. I pulled books from our moving beyond the page book collection: read Goodnight Goon and A is for Musk Ox. HopMoo did not like the musk ox. We sang a few songs: twinkle twinkle, bingo was his name o, and baa baa black sheep. 

Then I let everyone play math games on iPads. Then let them play whatever they wanted for the rest of the allotted hour while I did dishes. 

Being up early we ate breakfast early. Not use to a four-five hour gap between breakfast and lunch so lunch was at 1030. Crustless ham sandwich for HopMoo. Toast ham and cheese for SqueekMoo. Bag of chips for NuzzleMoo. Bagel with egg, game and cheese for me. 

The boys played with wooden blocks and stuff angry birds. 

SqueekMoo feed and let pepper out. NuzzleMoo was down for a nap by 12:30. And I just curled up next to him. I turned on the audio book I’ve been listening to I may have dosed as well. 

2pm the iPads were unlocked much to HopMoo’ rejoicing. NuzzleMoo woke up around then. He played with the Mickey math app for a little bit. I went and fiddled with my laptop. 

3pm started SqueekMoo on the hunt for his scout uniform. Meanwhile I got a head start on dinner. 

By 4 dinner was made. SqueekMoo found everything but his neck kerchief. Friends are starting to trickle home. Send boys out to play. 

Rain isn’t a reason to call them in  but when the other kids only have thirty minutes outside back in we go. 

I discover mischief: a homeschool curriculum that I’m very fond of had a cottage school that has expanded its class offerings to things we could use. 

Rain has stopped. More friends come out. Lots of running and giggles. Mac comes home. Feed kids outside since they won’t come in for dinner. Dress them for scouts and off we go.

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