Monday 27 March 2017

8 am and no one is stirring. NuzzleMoo is next to me. He nursed right at bedtime because HopMoo smacked across the cheek with a nerf sword. NuzzleMoo also had a nursing around 6:30 ish but other than that has definitely scaled back the nursing since say three months ago. 

HopMoo slept on the mattress at the foot of the bed all night. A big feat. In the winter I give in to the littles coming into our room at night to sleep because they don’t produce much body heat and they can’t be trusted with space heaters… why not turn up the thermostats? Because our room get and stays plenty warm the kids bedrooms not so much. 
No noise from down the hall. SqueekMoo must still be asleep. 
I’ve been up a little bit. I surfed the web for inspiration inf a daily schedule routine. I didn’t find my spark but I did read a good many day in the life from Simple Homeschool 2017 edition of “day in the life.”
I did save a few that were of interest. I think they were the ones that talk of using screens but in a limited manner. It’s a goal we are working on. Trying to tame the rampant unlimited screen time to something smaller… what smaller is we have quiet decided and that is a challenge for me. 
I’m either an anything goes seat of my pants what ever just don’t make me think too much about it or crazy over planned micro managed every little detail know and fall very hard. Not two extremes that are good to have. 

And now it’s 10:45. I played with my laptop musing over a schedule for the upcoming next six weeks. 

HopMoo woke first and snuggled next to me while I work. NuzzleMoo woke up and wanted to nurse before watching some cartoons. 

Hungry bellya got us out of bed. Changed NuzzleMoo and got him dressed. My nose was assisted by poop accident made by Pepper and then made ten times worse with SqueekMoo’s shift clean up job. 

Feed HopMoo and NuzzleMoo told SqueekMoo to let out Pepper and feed her and then eat a breakfast. 

Meanwhile I gathered and stocked SqueekMoo’s room with the proper supplies to clean up after Pepper. 

Once SqueekMoo was done eating I told him how to properly clean up. Having him throw things away he should have done to begin with instead of just letting them sit on the floor and how to properly pick up the poop and how to clean the stain and spray it. He did all the work. I merely supervised. 

Once that was done found my spark for the next six weeks. Using a puppy schedule I found on line I used it as a guide of free time and homeschooling to make sure Pepper got fed and outside. 

Next I had to work on HopMoo using his words. He decided to take what NuzzleMoo was playing with. I put YouTube kids on his iPad since that’s why he took NuzzleMoo’s iPad. While it loaded I sat with him while he did bugsy kindergarten math. During this time SqueekMoo was emptying the dishwasher. 

Math and reading with SqueekMoo. Two pages on area, a few pages of his bad piggies book, and a few pages of tintin. 

Headed to the kitchen to do dishes. Made the kids romien noodles with leftover chicken. Made a simple salad with chicken for myself. We ate around 12:15

After lunch I made everyone go out to the backyard mostly in hopes that Pepper would potty outside. 

 The boys tasked themselves with leaf pick up. HopMoo was back inside in a blink of an eye. SqueekMoo did a fair bit but he too left. NuzzleMoo had a ball outside. He wanted to seed the ground with the left over bags of seed we were saving for the fall. He finally got distracted from that by the leaf blower box. I was able to coax him inside by letting him bring in one of the leaf blower attachments. 

1:15 i got back inside it wasn’t quite time for room time so I read a book. It was called Here Comes The Rain. SqueekMoo was distracted with the Wii U. HopMoo left the room and NuzzleMoo was a mostly attentive audience member. 

At nearly 2, I sent everyone to their rooms for room time. NuzzleMoo went down rather quickly for a nap. I checked to see how everyone was doing. They seem well. 

I started an audiobook of a book that was recommended to me that fit my personality on the lines of parenting: Positive Parent, Happy Child. I’m sure it would work with all personalities but I am too passive for a lot of methologies out there. 

I spent some time on the elliptical. I set it for a resistance of 3 and a hint of an incline. I listen to the book. And so that I didn’t just stare at the elliptical progress screen played candy crush. It’s distracting enough that I can go further on the elliptical than without but not so mind needing that I can still comprehend the book. 

After the elliptical I checked on the boys. They seem to be tolerating room time. 

I went to work on my laptop. Lesson planning…. internet surfing and chasing ideas… didn’t generate much though. 

4pm and the boys were released from their rooms. SqueekMoo wanted to go outside. Graves Pepper, her leash, and picnic blanket. By then NuzzleMoo was awake from his nap. 

Neighbor kids started coming out to play. Even HopMoo came and stayed to play a while. He found the leaf blower attachment and enjoy parenting it was a bazooka.

We played till Mac got home and then some. We had a late dinner around 7pm of penne pasta with alfredo sauce, more leftover rotessaire chicken, and peas. 

Then it was to nightly duties and off to bed. 

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