Monday 5 December 2017

The bed was warm. The bed was cozy. NuzzleMoo nursed sprawled over me. We stayed in bed for a while.

I goofed off on the internet. Looked mostly at the Simply Charlotte Mason bookstore. Saw there will be a local encouragement conference coming up. Ponder if I could attend.

HopMoo bounced his way into the bed. Greetings of good morning and request for food. He bounced away.

NuzzleMoo got a piggy back ride down to breakfast. NuzzleMoo wanted circle cereal with marshmallows. HopMoo wanted flakes with marshmallows.

As soon as I gave them their breakfast SqueekMoo showed up to eat. He wanted what HopMoo had.

I puttered around the kitchen putting things away as I mused over what to have for breakfast. I settle for grown up cereal with greek yogurt.

The Bigs are done eating. SqueekMoo put his bowl away without prompting. HopMoo needed calling back and telling. Told SqueekMoo to clean under the table and HopMoo to unload the dishwasher. I grabbed the knives before he started and put them away.

Cleaned off the island so I could supervise and not hover. SqueekMoo said he is done. I asked if he really thinks the floor looks pretty. He said no. I said then keep working.

HopMoo can’t put everything away because he is too short. At least the washer is unloaded, and I put the stacks of things for the high cabinets away.

I tell them to brush their teeth and make their room look nice. I go to my room. Make the bed. Find sneakers. And gave the elliptical a spin. A third mile took me two and a half minutes. Pathetic on stamina I know but it is an improvement.

Brush teeth. Go check HopMoo. He needs help with making his bed. Oh, the challenges of instilling independence and seeing things proper. Got the bed done. Check SqueekMoo: tidy, as usual, post asking.

Gather up the laptop and coloring books and work on memory work. Its 11:00am.

Tackled the boxes in the Play Nook. The movers put all the unlabeled boxes in here. Not really thrilled.

Mystery Box #1 is clothes from the front closet. I put them on Mac side of the closet. Ultimately most will probably end up in the long closet. But it’s filled with holiday parcels and Mac needs to go through the clothes to see what he want to keep or toss.

Mystery box #2 is roughly depressing. It’s from the craft room things I know were neatly organized in bins. Yay 🙁  I took the box down to the craft room and will tackle it when I’m ready.

Changed a very stinky diaper. Tell HopMoo to go potty.

SqueekMoo and NuzzlrMoo play with toys in the basement. HopMoo has his iPad at the kitchen table.

Mystery box #3 is friends with box #2. To the craft room. Don’t look forward to having to resort the squares for the kids’ baby clothes quilts.

SqueekMoo is reading a plant vs zombies comic book 😀

Mystery box #4 (the last box in the Play Nook) was the most promising. Kitchen items. Mac’s glassware. Various pots and pans that I grew to miss in their absence.

Started making lunch a little after noon. Pizza sauce on sliced bread with shredded cheese sprinkled on and toasted in the toaster. And waffle cut apples.

During lunch, our reason  to be at the library this afternoon got canceled. Scouting thing for tonight popped up.

Decided to go ahead and go to the library right after lunch. Oh, the production. I had to get dressed. Help HopMoo find his socks. Find the keys (buried in the drawer had to look there three times before finding them) find socks and shoes for NuzzleMoo. Got everyone loaded. Request for crackers (did you people just eat?) To save sanity loaded the stroller.

Stroller helped keep kids from running around. They were still very noisy but at least contained. I got a book on Brigg Meyer personalities in relation to mothering, SqueekMoo got  Minecraft book, HopMoo grab the first two blue books he came across, and NuzzleMoo garbed an audio book.

Returned home. For the record, HopMoo was not able to count to 100 before we got home. Proof to him that we don’t live far from the library.

SqueekMoo brought in the books as I unbuckled everyone. I grab my book and NuzzleMoo joined me in my chair for a nursing. He fell asleep. I let him sleep him my lap till I got bored.

Tried sneaking away but that did not go well. After awhile he went to play with the other boys.

I did a little digital scrapbooking. Mostly fixing some contrast issues to make the QR codes more readable. The Sad hard drive is having issues may have to send off the laptop to get it changed to a solid state.

Worked on boxing books / inventorying / labeling.

Parcels arrived. One from Simple Charlotte Mason. The other from Rainbow Resources.

Had SqueekMoo read to me for twenty minutes from the first Pathway Reader book that came in the Rainbow Resource box. He plowed through the first half. very pleased.

Started making dinner earlier than normal to get HopMoo to his extracurricular. I made Penne pasta with store-bought Alfredo sauce. tossed in cubed up chicken breast and sauteed onions.




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