Tuesday 28 June 2017

Woke and nurse NuzzleMoo

started working on cross stitch project

Mac made and served cinnamon rolls

kids watching Baby Signing Time as i get last bits of cross stitch done with lots of NuzzleMoo interruptions.

have the bigs tidy the living room, i tidy the dining room table that i let grt out of hand with string while stitching

send kiddos outside while i make lunch

gave the boys rice and cheese. i ate left over lasgnga. trying to find old routine on laptop no luck. goof off on the internet.

start rice for dinner.

do a load of dishes

start thawing ground beef.

tackled the garage: condensing things to free up boxes and shifting things around to create more room for stuff

make dinner early since we are going to have a “picnic” dinner put and about

tidy downstairs bathroom while things cook

spatula handle melted on the edge if the stove 🙁 but still usable

portioned out dinner

fed the kids the leftovers for snack

folded up towels and put them away

pulled out laundry from the drier put them in the room they belong to but didnt put away

got a fun happy dance worthy message from Mac

got the kids ready for party

walked the kids to park for party

mac met us at park

realized I left the picnic bag at home

go home for picnic dinner

no nap Nuzzlemoo asleep after a few bites

boys play Mario Maker

boys to “bed”

chat with Mac


search the internet till laptop battery died

to bed

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