June 2016 routine rough draft


It’s summers.

School is out so HopMoo is home with us.

The plan:

7 have breakfast

After some cleaning we will head out for a nice walk: maybe do a nature study or maybe just go to a playground. Once home smoothie or some other fruit based snack.

Afterwards the two older ones will be some worksheets and the are free to play. Meanwhile I’ll be doing zone cleaning.

Lunch at noon. While I get it ready the boys are expected to clean up their mess.

After lunch wind down for a nap for at least the NuzzleMoo. Once he is asleep alternate one on one lessons with the bigs.

After lessons and naps is a snack. A quick group lesson. Followed by screen time for the kiddos. A wee bit of me time followed by more cleaning.

Then make dinner. Have dinner. Recreation time. Bathe the kiddos. Read books and off to bed with them.

Will it work? No idea. Here’s hoping.

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