More in Bloom

NuzzleMoo was a bit more receptive to me piecing the quilt top this morning. 

We woke up and had a morning snuggle. I played with some toys with him for a bit and then went into my sewing nook. I left the gate open this time and he wondered in and out. 

I started by fixing the block I had put the border piece i put on upside down. With that done I moved on to my blue stack.

   Today’s blocks started off like this with one border already attached to one side. 

 The top and bottom border pieces need one to have the checked green blocks so I sewed a dozen of those in place. 
  Once those were on I gave the border prices a good pressing. 
  I them attached the other side border to the sampler blocks. Gave it a good pressing then added the top and bottom borders. 

   Country wife block with borders.

Suppose too be arrowpoint block but I just now notice that I constructed it all wrong. I like it as is and since I don’t have enough scraps to correct it I’m leaving it as is. Carpenter’s square with borders

 Four points with borders 
  Stars galore block with borders 
 Four clowns block with borders

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