8 April 2016

Breakfast: smoothie with scrambled eggs; cereal

Lunch: leftover taco Mac

Snack: popcorn and pears

Dinner: chicken stir fry


HopMoo was very chatty this morning. I was scrolling through Facebook and he saw a whale: “can’t catch hippo. Can catch fish. Can’t catch hippos. Hippos are heavy. Fshes are light. Can catch fish. Fish are soft. I love fish. Squids. ::squeal:: I loooove squids” 

logic if english essentials: lesson five. still shaky on terms: mixing up singular, plural, vowel and consanet, but kniws what they mean. definetly has the weeks spelling list down. not sure how much i like the reader.

math manmoth 3a: multiplication on a number line. smooth sailings.

  5 minute drill: got 100 adding 1-5 problems in under 5 minutes very proud.

sorted box if books
sirted box if toys


Played Pikmin

NuzzleMoo played washing dishes 

HopMoo antics

NuzzleMoo playing

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