Tuesday 29 March 2016

woke up, went potty, about to get dressed when NuzzleMoo woke up. nursing NuzzleMoo.

Started load of dishes and laundry

Packed leftovers for HopMoo’s lunch

Pick out Clothes for kids.

Wake older kids and dress everyone

Grab pop tarts and get shoes on people

Drop off 

Load oven with chicken beasts

Print off worksheets

Nurse sleepy NuzzleMoo

Boxtime NuzzleMoo keeps stealing flash cards

Chicken done pull it out and let cool

Make it through lessons 

NuzzleMoo finally falls asleep


Leftovers for lunch

Enjoy some quiet

Play in backyard

Go for walk around block 

 Fill up water bottles

Pick up HopMoo


Make Oreo milkshakes for snack plus fruit

Tidy kitchen 

Fussy NuzzleMoo attempt nap not interested 

Tell big boys to clean living room 

Chop up and portion the chicken 

Hanging out with fussy no nap NuzzleMoo

One of us fell asleep maybe we both did


Boys wanted just rice and cheese, we had cooked rice already do I gave in. I microwaved a chicken teriyaki bowl for myself. NuzzleMoo didn’t want anything I offered so more mommy milk

Turned onAladdin. No on watched boys played on iPads. NuzzleMoo made a mess. I was in a scrap booking mood. I think I actually made some progress. 

Aladdin over kids off to bed. 

Got a shower a bit more scrapbooking then off to bed 

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