Tuesday 22 March 2016

breakfast poptarts; chia pudding
drop kids off at friend’s house
dentist: four filling top right
pick up kids

lunch: grilled cheese
trapped under napping NuzzleMoo finish Walt Disney documentry

snack: fruit
park by the mailbox  






 supervised the tidying up of the living room

the disney infinety 2.0 that i accidently ordered using out disney movie point arrived so we played

dinner quisadillas and burritos
kids watching nintendo minute and playing minecraft

NuzzleMoo is teething. lots if teething and nursings

revisiting the Sewing With A Plan theory. first idea would be to find a vintage drafting book and make a capsule from patterns from that. newer idea is probaly more praticle gentler way to get into bulk sewing: a pajama capsule. A quick search found patterns like mccalls 5248 and simplicity 1720 both however are out of print. 

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