Thursday 24 March 2016

morning shuffle: load of dishes, clean off table, tidy floor
SqueekMoo waters plants in the morning they are doing so well 

HopMoi convinced me to buy a set of baby books at Costco because he wanted the toy. He alt east likes it well enough to take the time to give it a hug and a kiss 

 breakfast: cereal; ham and cheese wrap


readboard books to kids

send kids to backyard tidy livinig room

lunch: ham and cheese sandwiches and legume chips; salad

walk to get NuzzleMoo to nap. didnt fall asleep on wslkm but very receptive to taling one.

pinnined under sleeping baby, talked to MacMac on phone

weeding toys; had to come to terms with how iften the kids actually play with physical toys. sort between open ended and limited possibility toys

NuzzleMoo up more books

watch mini documenteries about toys

snack: plums

corner playground 

dinner: sausage, corn, onions, amd pasta


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