Sunday 20 March 2016

Big cleaning day

What we ate
breakfast cereal; eggs
lunch: leftover lasgna, pears, oreos; salad
snack: apple
dinner: chicken stirfry

What got cleaned
three loads of laundry
two loads of dishes

What we did
while we’ve owned the truck for a couple of years thd charger has been missing. i charged it up earlier in the week but couldnt get the truck to go. figuring the pedal was twitchy i left ut all set up for the kids. the biys announced today that ut worked and rhey drove around for a bit  
documentry on scientist who made discoveries about matter

used the measurements mac took to make a moulage. attempts to fibd gift wrap with pre primted 1inch grid was fruitless ended up printing and peicing. worked the front peice things went smoothly up till the last step signallimg i did something drastically wrong. will try again at a later date. may need to do measurments again.

played tank tank tank and pikmin after dinner

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