Monday 28 March 2016

packed HopMoo’s lunch; went ahead and pieced most of SqueekMoo’s and NuzzleMoo’s lunch

NuzzleMoo is up give him snuggles as i sort of tidy up the kitchen and pick out clothes for the older ones

wake older kids. get them dressed.

migrate downstairs. hugs and snuggles while trying to get dveryone ready

hand out poptarts snd head to school

notice its very quiet heading to school. ooops one more day left of spring break. back home we go

Do a loads dishes

Make apple juice, chai, frozen fruit smoothies for two younger boys plus me

Older boys raced to clean the living room it’s a tie for “effort” they both got two jelly beans 

Pinned down by nursing NyzzleMoo surf the net chasing random thoughts

serve the lunches i made earlier 

make a Salmon ceaser salad

chop up our bulk green peppers tp feeze do they dont go all weird

wonder into the backyard and tidy

met our new neighbors who moved in behind us

Hang out with the iPad playing kids, decided to go for a walk. 

By the time we got ourselves together it was raining back to iPads. 

left over for snack

HopMoo found the water beads and played with them yesterday. now they were all plump i set up a bin for the kids to explore. everyone played well but NuzzleMoo kept wanting to destroy the beads or splash water more than the rest         

we cleaned up the mess.

did dishes

sorted toys

switched out a bigger box for the storage of the Imaginext accessories, seems to be a better solution to the prior box.

an entrepreneurial teen asked to mow the backyard. he had the boys captivated while i made dinner


dinner was rice, costco orange chicken, and steamed vegetables

squeekMoo did dishes

i redid dishes and cleaned up the carnage from SqueekMoo doing dishes

elder boys played Skylander Giants

bathed NuzzleMoo

Got a shower

herd kids to bed

read a book

lights out

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