Friday 18 March 2016


What we ate
breakfast poptarts
lunch taco mac
snack fruit
dinner porkchop, mashed potatoes and peas

What we learned
read kindness from first virtues
read the bears pinic
squeekmoo read from smithsonian reader level 1

What we did 
discovered how to give SqueekMoo initative. give if a list of things to do to earn hus ipad for the next day. he did:
clean for 30 mins x2
read to self for 10 mins x2
math drills for 10 mins
math pratice for 10 mins
backyard x2

Wiggles – a certain level of hatred towards workouts that involve running in place and all the variants of jumping jacks

two laods of dishes
a load of towels
empty out half the master closet of craft supplies
move Macs clothesinto cleared out area of master closet

play with cladwell for women 

 Weeded through wardrobe based on color recommendations. Not commuted enough to purge down to the recommended number of garments

Realized none of my normal pants fit 🙁

Put away usable garments, bagged up the rest

mused over how to be able to fit into pants again

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