Curbside Find


What comes around goes around. Last year replaced our Dyson with another Dyson. We put it on the curb. It “worked” but it needed some serious TLC. Something we didn’t want to put in, hence why we got a new one. Anyways we had a man ring the door bell and ask about it. We said that he was more than welcome to take it, that it only needed some TLC.

Today when I went down to the community mailbox kiosk, across the way I saw bags of stuff with a wee tree sticking out. I had an idea what it was and saw someone pulling out of the drive. I waved the down and ask if I could have the things in the bag and she said yes.

I only took the tree and the book that was underneath. HopMoo LOVES Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We can always use another copy of it. The tree is a Lakeshore Learning Book Prop. It’s missing some letters, but it shouldn’t be hard to make new ones.

HopMoo is so happy about the fine. He spent the afternoon carrying around the tree, saying “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”

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