22 Feb 2016

Having stayed at work till 9 pm when every one else was getting off at noon through out the month of December, MacMac was able to have today and tomorrow off. We decided to celebrate his birthday today by going to Dave and Busters.

After picking up HopMoo from preschool, we drove into the city. Below Dave and Busters is an Italian restaurant to which we had about $120 in gift card to. Since we’ve had the card to close to two years now, we decided to spend them in order to stock the freezer. Their food is good, but with Dave and Buster’s right there we just never ate there. So we placed a to go order with a note we’d be picking it up in two hours.

Up to Dave and Busters we went. The boys were hungry so we order some food. They much prefer ribs and french fries, then pasta and bread. After wards we hit the arcade.

HopMoo like the games that have something tangible to them. Things like skee ball and basket ball hoop tossing. He doesn’t do well at all, but throughly enjoys him self. He also likes co-playing the impossible shooting games with MacMac. He’s favorite is the transformers on.

SqueekMoo likes the games with characters he’s familiar with. Cut the Rope, Mario Kart, and Angry Birds.

My favorite is on called Black Out where you have these little Aliens that you have to flick and they splatter against the moon. The goal is to get 100% coverage on the moon. I’m not very good, but ti’s very cute.

NuzzleMoo was happy as a lark just holding on to the balloon we got at the restaurant.

The older boys picked out candy with their ticket earnings. NuzzleMoo got a huge ball.

We picked up our to go order and back home we went.


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