Second Grade Curriculum for SqueekMoo

Today was SqueekMoo’s first day of Second Grade as a homeschooler.

The goal was to start lessons at 9 am. That did not happen at all.

NuzzleMoo is teething and He and I were up at 5 am. We took a nap and didn’t wake up until 8am. Fed everyone and did the kitchen shuffle of dishes and cleaning off counters. The table we do lessons on was completely covered from a winter break of not lessons, so I had to clean that off. By then NuzzleMoo was needy, so I sat down with him and he nursed. Since he is teething, he is comfort nursing so I can’t put him down or he’ll just wake up. My laptop was within arms reach so i was able to do some planning. When he woke, the other boys were hungry and I made and served lunch.

And that is why we didn’t start lessons till about 11:30.

First up was math. This week we are starting the chapter on skip counting. We read the chapter together and worked the odd problems together. We found a good stopping point about 22 minutes in. HopMoo came to join us at the table but decided left because he didn’t want to do a numbers worksheet.


Next we read the intro page to earth science and then looked at the globe as he asked questions and I answered plus adding in related trivia. He then drew his finding. This took about 15 minutes. NuzzleMoo came to join us when he saw SqueekMoo drawing. Gave him crayons and paper.


We did handwriting. Two new phonograms, and four old phograms. one line each. Having not written all Christmas break, his hand was fatigued after four phonograms, so we did our reading lessons in the middle. Factoring out the detour, handwriting took 15 minutes. During this time NuzzleMoo gottired of drawing and started throwing the crayons. He then discovered the Globe and sat on my lap to spin it.

Reading was set a timer for 6 minutes and read from where we left off in Phonics Pathways.

By this point SqueekMoo really needed a break, so I set him free for an hour. I tending to the desires of HopMoo and NuzzleMoo. When we got back to the table NuzzleMoo was being worn on my back about to doze off for a nap.

We did our spelling list next. Since this is new for him I’m starting a little light. Five words, instead of ten. I dictated the words for him. Then I showed him how each one looked in cursive and he copied it.  this took fifteen minutes.


Langauge Arts, I didn’t remember to notate the length of each individual thing. I only got that it took thirty minuets. I read the first chapter of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, while he drew what he heard. About half way through the chapter HopMoo wandered our way, ringing the bell of NuzzleMoo’s scoot bike. Not wanting to sit down and be quite he went back to the living room to watch a show. After the Wizard of Oz, we looked at the poem Clouds. He drew a picture for that. And then I read him the Aesop Fable of Mercury and the Woodsman.

IMG_6073IMG_6074 IMG_6075

Lastly we did copywork. It the first long bit of cursive I’ve required of him. He worked diligently,but sensing he was petering out I had him stop at the end of the sentence.


And that was day one of Second Grade. We are very proud of the work SqueekMoo did!

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