No Break Challenge

IMG_6127For me having only one student of homeschooling age, got me into some “bad” habits. With only one to really devote my teaching attention to, I’ve kind of gone with some teacher intensive curriculum. While I’ve dropped most of them, there is still one bad habit to break: SqueekMoo’s desire to constantly take a break.

We’d do Beast Academy, Handwriting Lessons through Literature, Phonics/Reading. Take a Break. History from Simply Charlotte Mason. Take a Break. English Lessons through Literature. Done for the day. It dragged the day out horribly.

I’ve been reading about the timetables Charlotte Mason provided to her schools. Though they were encourage to make it their own it was interesting to see the structure. Sabbath Mood Homeschool did a lovely post on how to prepare a Charlotte Mason Schedule based on those timetables. After Thoughts takes things a step forward showing you how to apply the Ambleside Curriculum to the schedule.

This is all fine and useful.But a little too much structure for my one student. The leg work for it would be better served next year when I have Hop Moo and even NuzzleMoo’s Lessons to worry about on top of SqueekMoo’s.

For now my goal is to get SqueekMoo use to the idea of we can’t take all day. Most of our curriculum would play nicely with the Charlotte Mason Schedule but Beast Academy. I chose it because I wanted to Challenge SqueekMoo. And Challenge him it does. But since he isn’t reading and because of the challenge its taking us an hour to do math. Much longer than then what I’d like.

So with some discussion with MacMac we have switched back to Math Mammoth. A very solid amazing program. Our goal is to pretest him at the start of the chapter, focus on what he doesn’t understand, fly through what he already knows. And definitely don’t do every single problem. We will use the cumulative review as a post test. If SqueekMoo gets at least 90% right on the test we will move on. If last years journey though math Mammoth is any indication, we will finish Grade 3 well before the year ends and then we will go back to Beast Academy and play with that till the year ends.

So back to the challenge: At 8:55 I had SqueekMoo go to the bathroom. We spent exactly 20 minutes on Math Mammoth. NuzzleMoo would give us the book SqueekMoo was suppose to read from, so the book he read from was a little over SqueekMoo’s head. He read for 8 minutes instead of 10 because he was drowning. Handwriting took 12 minutes. Reading Wizard of Oz took 11. 3 minutes for the narrative. 14 for the rest of the language arts lesson. Copy work took 3 minutes. Reading from famous Men of the Middle Ages took 9 minutes and Sword in the Tree took 6. And we were done.

In short we got all our lessons done in under and hour and a half. And it was good quality work that I’m proud that he did. Now to see how long we can keep it up.



Parting shot of NuzzleMoo playing with his Hape Stacking Train.

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