26 Jan 2016

    SqueekMoo had homeschool today at the local gym. NuzzleMoo insisted to bring our Hape Abacus with us. He was riot with him dragging it behind him an his squeaky shoes.
One girl, who described herselve as of one of nine including her mom and dad, spent the time waiting on class to start doting over NuzzleMoo. SqueekMoo was off playing hoops with the other kids.

There was a fair number of kids today. Not the peak numbers we saw at the start of fall. But definitely not the all time low of just two families showing up.

NuzzleMoo had another admirer for the rest of class, the two year old little sister of the first girl. Compared to my kid, she is very talkative for a two year old. My kids don’t really catch on to saying momma and daddy till two so aren’t really talking till three of not four. But away she chatted to wee NuzzleMoo.

They share toys. They share snacks. She found two blue balls. Taking turns didn’t really happen.

I picked her mother’s brain on how she schools seven kids. She said eldest is high school and takes online course. Next oldest is in Classical conversations and basically as independent as the eldest. The three littlest are too little to really do much schooling wise. The two that take up Texas most time she has also in Classical Conversatons.

She does Classical Conversations off and on just depends on the year. She works as a tutor at CC o help offset CC’s high cost, but feels her family benefits. She feels that families who make CC their one and only really thrive. However she also uses Sonlight, they don’t get quiet as much out of it but still plenty to justify attending.

I found it heartening to hear the littles don’t need such a heavy focus. I’ve spun my wheels over it for a long time and still not satisfy with my efforts. I’m noticing the less I do the happier the preschoolers and I feel about it.

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