24 Jan 2016 – Mischief


I’m 75% sure where our next house will be. I did a search of the area with our requirements and this lovely little house came up.

MacMac loves the look of the house. 90% of the other results were townhouses and the other single family houses looks so very old and run down mold is a concern.

This one is a four bedroom in a sea of three bedrooms. Great views and lovely rooms(as far as one can tell from pictures on line.) While a very short walk form the river there is a fenced in marina between the house and the river. If we ever hung out by the waters edge it would be to watch the boats and not to go swimming. Now it could also mean its sticks tot he high heavens but when can be hopeful.

However it is completely unrealistic to really hold ones breathe for this house. It’s a rental and based on our time line if it still on the market by the time we are ready to move it’s a mental red flag of why on earth has no one rented out such a lovely house.

But for now since I’m not to look again till things are more solid, I’ll just muse over how I’d arrange all our furniture within the photos of the rooms.


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