Halloween Project 2009

This is the first time in three years that MacMac and I have been together to dress up for Halloween. In honor of such a silly occasion I’m making us costumes. After thumbing through the pattern catalog we decided that SqueekMoo would be oh so very cute as a monkey based off of Simplicity 3594. From that we decided that MacMac could be Aladdin and I could be Princess Jasmine.

Now there is that small issue of how to not freeze, since the nights are dipping darn close to freezing already. In the movie Jasmine has a beggars cloak. But in my stash I have about 8 yards of 60″ polyester crushed maroon panne, poking around on the net, I found that Jasmine has a maroon cloak. Stash reduction is always worthy so I might do that… As far as MacMac though… I think that a black or brown cloak is always a handy thing to have so I might spurge and make hims a cloak as well.

Recent picture of SqueekMoo as filler :p



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