Too cute not to share


Icky cold Winter weather is acting pretty. Baby Boy got to spend some time in the sun the past few days. I got this pic of him and it’s just too cute not to share.

I’m back at college for my last semester. It would have been a waste to have stopped with only a few credit hours left till a degree. It’s hard to go back, especially since it’s a full load day and classes start at 8am… that’s not really bad the icky part is the school is 60 miles from my home. It’s a good hour and something to get to class. Couple that with baby not wanting to sleep and you have for a very tired mommy.

Baby Boy is sprounting! Last doc check up he was 95% in height and 50% in weight. He has an appointment later this month so I shall know just how much more he is gaining. As you can see he has two little teeth! he love to sit up. he doesn’t like laying very much. he is getting good at rolling if he lets you lay him on the floor and not cry lol. if you “leave him alone” he is really good at playing by himself when he thinks you aren’t looking. he lokos very intently at his toys. very cute

epp little one has woken up and not sounding thrilled. duties call


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