Can it be… a Post?

SqueekMoo is nearly a month old! He is growing bigger by the day. He’s strong and healthy. One couldn’t ask for a better baby. He has his quirks mind you but we all do.

It’s been a week since MacMac had to go back to his duty station. He wont be back till May, so sad. Feel so sorry for him, missing out on the baby’s milestones and such. sigh. It’s a hard life, but its one we chose it. We are however musing at the thought of having me and the wee one visit him for the Holidays… Musing being the key word since with layovers the flight there is as stated 20 hrs. that doesn’t included getting to the air port or secuirty. I’d really hate to be the lady with the screaming infant on board an air plane, but someone has to be :p

I think i put in ten minutes of stitching in to Celtic Christmas while MacMac was here helping me out. I puttered about to much to be able to enjoy the breaks he was giving me to their finest.

Realizing my stitching time was going to be very tiny, I decided small little projects are my best bets. That said I never can figure out what to do with the little buggers. So I was delighted to fine the Fair and Sqaure blog. It seems to be a lovely solution to my problem. With the deadline and all it also forces me to find a moment to stitch, which also means that I’m taking a moment for myself and therefor my life isn’t completely over ruined by the little guy.

I’ll wrap things up with a pic of the floss toss for the Autumn Exchange I’m doing:

Autumn Exchange - Floss Toss


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