For Someone who should be studying….

I get a great deal of crafting done? Actually I was rather diligent yesterday. This evening is a very different story. Today’s final I actually had a shot of making a better grade if I worked really really hard at studying. Tomorrows final no matter how good i do i have the same letter grade, I just can’t fail the final or I’ll lose my letter. So I’m not too terrible concerned about tomorrow’s final.

After I got home I had some quiet time with the scissor holder. Alas I’m sick of orange and had to take a break from it. oh wells.

30 July 2008

I decided to clean my sewing machine area. And being that it was cleared off I decided to do some sewing. I made another square for the In Bloom block of the month. As much as I love block of the months I’m good at finding the pitfall of a pre cut pre packaged one…. the opps i shouldn’t have done that error. the error that can’t really be fixed and you just have to adapt. The block isn’t suppose to look like this it’s my attempt to fix a problem. Don’t worry the top isn’t messed up it’s just that the blocks are too big for my 12 x 12 storage stuff so I hate to fold them up so I use hangers to keep creases out of them. And since I don’t want any marks from the clamp things I fold scrap muslin to cushion it.

However after that interesting ad lib I think it’s time for bed.

30 July 2008
30 July 2008


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