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Blog, Five years ago today, I went to the grocery store it get a half gallon of milk. He was my bagger. He offered to bag the milk and I declined. He walk the milk out for me, I laughed at him saying he did not need to. He asked for my number, I lied and said I did not have a cell phone. We got to my call and there sitting in the driver’s seat was my cell phone. He put his number in and told me his screen name. I did not intend to call him, but I had no qualms with having something to chat on-line with, so with a screen name that was just too outlandish to remember I ended up calling him.

We have both grown up these last five years. Gone through tests and rigors that some people may have thrown the towel in saying it’s not worth the effort. People grown when people go through transitions in life, as a couple you have to recognize that people in fact change and it’s the ability to still cope with the changes that get you through.

We went through the transition of high school to college. Together we made the decision for him to join the military. We dealt with being in school here with him stationed states away. We survived a yearlong deployment. We joined hands in holy matrimony. We are expecting our first-born. We are in the middle of another yearlong deployment.

We spent the first two years of courtship seeing each other every single day. It was a rough transition once he joined the military. In the past three years, added all together, we have seen each other for 8 months worth of days. Long distance relationships are hard work and not for the faint of heart.

Therefore, to help usher in a new year to our courtship, I am starting a little blog. Geared mostly to be a place to highlight my hobbies there may be a couple snippets about my goings-on’s. I’m not sure how personal I’ll get, this post was rather personal but surprisingly not as detailed as it could have been.

Don’t be surprises to find backdated entries. As I’d like to document things when they happened and I’m betting that happening and documenting might not always coincide.

Don’t work entries probably wont ever be this long. Thank you for stopping by and please come visit again.

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