More Stitching

and not much studying. I really need to get my act together. Just a heads up though, between needing to study, I’m migrating to my mom’s house this weekend. So a fair amount of packing is involved there. Mac will be home for leave soon, and the baby will be here shortly after. So just a warning posts may be far and few between, and most likely will have a more family theme to them.

But in stitching news I did some stitching this weekend. I’m still doing the which screams at me the most method. I’ll probably switch to a project a week method but haven’t decided. Anyways this is the progress on Celtic Christmas:


However I got a little tired of all the red so I switch over to the Viking Sampler. Alas even with gridding I goofed on stitched placement so next time i go to work on the bugger I’ll have to start with some undoing of stitches oh well. I had that sort of day yesterday.

27 July 2008

I also couldn’t resist starting something small and new. It didn’t help that last weekend I found the a box of DMC variations on clearance and felt it was too good of a deal to pass up and bought it. But at least it will be a practice project. It’s a scissor holder. A freebie that can be found here. I’m using DMC 772 and the variation DMC 4120. Minus the few (okay many) goofs that required a great deal of undoing of stitches it’s turning out nicely. I really do need a scissor holder, while working on Celtic Christmas I kept losing the scissors. Once this is done I’ll be able to loop it onto on the the scroll knobs… well that’s the plan if it works is a different story lol.

27 July 2008


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