Block by Block

I’m so loving my pregnancy. I have just a few weeks to go. There’s an on-line group of mom who are due the same month as I and most are wanting it to be over and the baby here. I’m actually enjoying it. There has been uck but it’s been manageable, and where most of the other mom’s to be actually had someone to help them out, I’ve been helping keep morale of my deployed hubby up.

That said one thing that I’ve had a case of is insomnia. I had it prior to being pregnant so i’m not that concerned. It does mean that I’ve done some mild stitching since if i can’t sleep might as well be “productive.”

And so I worked a wee bit more on the Rune Sampler. 1st pic is what it looked like when i started. The second is what I ended on. As you can see i didn’t get very far. Many because my mind was going a hundred miles an hour trying to convince me to start a new quick stitch project. I wont permit myself another quick stitch this month, even though i feel oh so productive when i finish one. No i need to make a good summer time dent in all my long term projects. Since baboo is due next month I haven’t a clue how much stitching I’ll have time for.


19 July 2008


27 July 2008

To appease the “something new” feeling I did opt to tuck the Rune Sampler away and work on my Celtic Christmas. I have all five charts for the Celtic Ladies. I’ve been working on Christmas since 2005 eep! I think I figure out why i’ve been dragging my feet: it’s all one colour. The thing I look forward to with the seasons is that they aren’t all one color. And boy are there some lovely color conversions out there that really make me hurry up and finish. But I only got two blocks worth done before the sleepiness kicked in.


No stitching was done this evening. I had a project I needed to work on for class. Next week is finals and that always is a double edge sword of good and bad feelings lol.

Here’s to the time and attention span for some stitching tomorrow!


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