I had to step foot into the Cross Stitch Store…

Actually, my problems began when I stepped into the bookstore last night. I went to get a book, but I also needed to kill some time. I wondered over to the magazines and thumbed through all the quilting and cross-stitch magazines. Now I vowed that I would not add to my collection of cross-stitch patterns until I finished what I have already started and made a dent in the patterns I already owned.

But Oh! There are patterns that are nice. And then there are patterns that sing out to you, that not only do you have to have it but also you have to stitch it RIGHT NOW.

That is what happened at the bookstore. In the June 2008 Just Cross Stitch Magazine was a pattern I just HAD to have. In addition, it needed stitching ASAP.

So to the cross-stitch store I went the next day. For said project, I did do well. I bought two skeins of The Gentle Arts: Freedom and 32 ct Linen… I lost the slip I wrote the color down oops.

27 June 2008

Down near the basket of small pieces of linen was a sampler that just screamed, “I’m the one you are looking for!” I have wanted something to mark our wedding and this one just seemed so right.

The pattern is “I Do” by Bent Creek, but it had some color changes done to it. Weeks Dye Works for Vines and Leaves. Gentle Arts Old Blue Paint for I do, Initials and date. Weeks Dye Works Angel Hair for Alphabet. Also added Buttons. I picked out 32-count Prairie linen to stitch it on.

27 June 2008

I cannot wait to start stitching these two. I hope MacDorcha enjoys them as much as I do!

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