The Insane Person’s Photo Quilt

I came across a really cool quilt pattern called Hunting Grounds by Gathering Friends:


I, the crazy person that I am, decided that this would make the coolest photo quilt ever! One would have though that once I got the pattern and found out the lovely little strips at the top and bottom were from a panel and not individual pictures, I would have given up… instead I spent a few late night diligently constructing the quilt in photo shop (i doni’t even know how to use photoshop, i think i would have made any graphic designer cry).

I first had to find a useful ratio for the strip photos. This is what I came up with:


If you noticed my version has 12 spots instead of the 10 in the original pattern. This is because if I were to crop my pictures to the ratio to make a 10 all my pictures would look really really weird since most of my pictures start life as vertical pictures and not horizontal ones.

From there I added my pictures and played around with there placement. Actually in all fairness I printed off thumbnail size version of all the pictures I considered using and played with them on a table for a while, and then tested them in photo shop. Thus coming up with this:




And then I gather “swatches” on-line of various fabric lines that I like that were available at the time. I ended up settling on the Kansas Troubles fabric. After another late night playing with photoshop we had something like this:


Happy with the result I went fabric hunting. The local quilt shop was running very low on Kansas Troubles since they were using it for their block of the month kits, but I manage to squeak by.


Cutting and piecing went relatively quickly. Well there was the matter of getting the photos onto fabric, but I just used some my inkjet printer and some fabric paper from Joanns… it wasn’t from the quilting department… it was some generic type that i liked.




I do have to say that there were a great many 3/4″ strips used to get the 1/4″ borders and those got rather tedious after awhile. However like I said it pieced together quickly to form a HUGE quilt:


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