How to fail a Marketing exam

I was very productive this month I worked a great deal on projects that I probably really shouldn’t have.

I finished my Cross Stitch in time for Valentine’s day:

I made a Biscornu out fo last years embroidery project that I gave up on because when I started I never knew what linen was. I now know and think the fabric I started on was dreadful. I didn’t want to trash my efforts so I trimmed it down and made this:


and back


My Fanfare Quilt has grown:
Last Month’s Progress


This month’s progress

14 Feb 2007


And I made three block of the months blocks however only have pics of two right now

I also made a bookmark of sorts. Playing around with some linen 2″ tape I stitched a vine of forget me nots and in the middle ribbon embroidered a rose. I”M rather proud of the way it turned out. I also touched my cross stitch WIPs though i only worked for 30 mins on each it’s more than I have touched them since August.

And so this is how one ends up with a 52 on a marketing exam. I had to explain myself tot he teacher since he thought i was going to be the best student in his class. opps. oh wells. it’s only 15% of the grade. I have room to improve…. on my crafts! ha


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