Happy Be-lated Birthday to me

Ah so I’ve hit one of the last mile points of childhood. Only thing left is turning 25 the ability to rent a car. I actually look forward to that more than the whole oh wow I can drink. I fibbed to my mom well not really. What I told her was a few friends were treating me to a birthday thing in downtown. She merely assumed I was going drinking. Instead I went with my future in-laws to see Miss Potter. Go See IT! It’s a must! But then again it was only showing at only one theatre in a fifty mile radius of a major city so hmmm. But if you get the chance highly recommend it.

SO What’s New?

On the 9th I started a sweetheart tree kit: Not sure of the name but the words on it are something along the lines of “We Live in the home of the free because of the brave” something like that. I’ve finished the center heart and the ribbon.


On the 10th I started my Edwardian suit out of Tencel. I’m 90 percent done as of Friday. Too lazy to put in the hook and bar and the snaps. Also I was right in the middle between two sizes and I opted to go with the bigger size. Sigh shouldn’t have done that for now it’s too big in the waist. I should just let it sit at the hips, but I have a hemming issue, can’t bear to stand the thought of cutting of so much fabric. I mean forcing it to be at the waist needs to get hiked up about three inches. Letting it rest as is need a good six inches snipped away. Ahhhh. Oh well changes done to the Sense and Sensibility pattern for the Beatrix skirt was add pockets, and since it’s too big I pined the placket shut and pin the pleat lines together so it’s still even in the back.

MacMac earned a five day pass so he got to call for hours all weekend. So happy!

Put together his parcel. In the last hours I finished my quilt fabric sampler: Used tencel for the border and some butter suede for the back. I also Made a pillow case to go with the quilt I made him last year.

I got a nearly lovely chair for my birthday. And this weekend I’ll get my Ott lite also a birthday present. Yea me!


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