Update on my sanity err insanity that is

So it’s been a good month since I’ve last said anything. I haven’t really done much at least not in a continuous path to want to document anything. Also I’m lazy but I’d rather play recap then finish my accounting project. I think my priorities are a bet off oh well.

I can’t remember when I did what but here’s the break down… I think

Gators: How to send your sewing machine to the shop. Not really but it was due to a check up badly and well fleece dust can clog anything. But any who I made 96 neck warmers to send to MacMac. He’s gotten them already and has started handing them out. Form his letter it sounds like they are a hit. Yeah! Oh yes and I made them all on one Sunday. I’m crazy, but actually it probably would have only taken half a day if I didn’t take so many long breaks.

Colonial Dress: I think I took a break not too long after my last post. I hadn’t touched my reference books and such for the longest time. But last night I started playing around with my dress form and I think I’ve managed to drape myself a decent bodice. No sleeves yet, I dread doing that part with a passion. It took a lot of time for me to build up the nerve to drape the bodice, so sleeves may be another month or two. Or mayhaps get my friend to help me this weekend. Doubtful, since I seem to know more then they do. Any the bodice only goes to the waist line, so tomorrow if I remember to get the roll of vellum out of my car I’ll draft the rest of it.

I had played around with my Janet Arnold book. I finally scaled up a few patterns. But my tailoring skills are dreadful and I could figure out for the life of me how to re-fit the patterns. So I’m merely using the book are a guide for where to put my seams. Will update how this goes as time goes by.

Quilting: I got in the mood to restart the Fanfare Quilt. I’m still not over the issues the prevented me from working on it earlier. But the meaning has shifted again and I’m compelled to work on it again. No progress, but a good days work and I’ll have loads of improvement.

Edwardian Goodness: So the Movie “Miss Potter” comes out sometime between Christmas and my Birthday. I’d love to make and Edwardian suit, I’ve got the patterns from Sense and Sensibility  for the Beatrix jacket and skirt along with a Butterick pattern  for a shirt. But Christmas has screwed up my budget and there for I wont be able to get the fabric in time to make it for my birthday. So sad. Maybe just for fun in the spring. Who knows.

Christmas Sewing: I made the Dove from this pattern and the heart from this pattern Actually I made three of each. I got a fat quarter bundle of Five Fabrics that had a red, navy, cream, a patriotic WWII design, and one with eagles. I used the red, navy, and cream to make the ornaments, and the left over to make a gift bag big enough to slide the Red vs Blue soundtrack in. and the WWII was made into a bigger gift bag with the eagles as lining. All of which got sent to MacMac. And no he’s not spoiled, he’s just well loved. Okay he is spoiled. His parents do it and it makes me sad, that my efforts don’t stack up well against what they do. But MacMac does his best to cheer me up but all the boasting and bragging she does really gets under my skin.

Is there anything else… I’ve designed another white work blanket this time if I make it it will be a good size wall hanging. However I’m not sure if I want to make it yet, I want to make it, just it would make an ideal wedding gift for me to give my MacMac whenever we get married. Sooo don’t want a wedding, but I have three years ohhh two and a half years to change my mind.

I think that’s all on the lines of crafting. Now to conquer the finals and be on my way to a winter break of creating and making.

Oh and reviews and recommendations:

The Fountain: I liked it. But it’s a tough. It really played at my heart, and wished my MacMac was there to see it with me. We would have had a wonderful post movie chat with a lot of in depth deep meaning stuff. But I thought it was a very artistic poetic movie on the topic of death and the realization that hopefully we all can one day make.

The Ranger’s Apprentice Series: A MUST read. I loved the first two books. And MacMac really liked the first one. He’s getting the second one for Christmas. I think I might invest in the third for his birthday most likely. Maybe. Depends if he hints at it or not. I describe it as having the feel to the Lloyd Alexander books. He says he got the same feeling though toss in Robin McKinley Hero and the Crown. But better. (He had issues with Hero and the Crown, but mostly enjoyed that one. Lol)

Cars: I saw it in theaters over the summer, but MacMac sent it to me in my “See How I love you” parcel, so watched it over the weekend with Mike. My favorite characters are Sarge and Mater! Got to love Mater!!

And I think that’s everything.


Things I hope to get done:

-Make a friend for Gwen (the stuff Penguin in MacMac’s care. He sent me a wee Eeyore for Patches, my Penguin)

-Work on the Fanfare Quilt

-Work on Colonial gown (Have usable fabric already in stock to use)


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