Secret Garden Bundle

So the local quilt shop got new carpet and is expanding. Went yesterday to see what fun things can be found with the new found openess of the new layout.

I found two beautiful bundles of 10 pack fat quarters by Starr Fabrics:

Secret Garden and

New England.

So pretty. I wanted them, but I can’t get anything i don’t know what to do with. Anywho i had to go home to grab my Fanfare quilt bag to find the rest of the fabric I need to make the quilt. Not like I’m going to finish using what I already have to piece, but since I do have Christmas Money I might as well use it while I still have it.

So back to the quilt shop and after a while of realizing why i didn’t have the rest of the fabric (i hate the challenge of the hunt, some people love it I don’t like it. I’m color stupid) But in the end I was able to get the lovely bundle of Secret Garden it turns out it works perfectly for what I was try to buy plus i bought a fat quarter of a solid yellow and a half yard of a ink and red batik mix. Very Happy!

Cut out all the Pink and yellow last night. ohhh I shudder to think I now I have to sew them back together. And I still have to cut out the rest of the blue and green. I haven’t my bag with me I left it at DH’s Mom’s house. Abd I’m thinking I may have misplaced my bag of yellows I cut back in Sept since I don’t recall packing it last night. hmm concerning. ohh maybe i left that in the basement… hmmm well need lunch and then perhaps go back to cutting

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