Ripple Blanket

So the weather finally got cold around the time I mailed MacMac his gators. And so I decided to crochet him a blanket for Christmas. Why crochet? Because knitting takes too long and murders my shoulders and elbows and because I love playing with yarn during cold months. Alas I didn’t take any pictures before I mailed it to him, I did get a few in progress shots. I’m hoping he gets it in time for Christmas, though I doubt he’ll wait for Christmas to open it. Lol.

I did a basic ripple blanket. I have the pattern here somewhere… drat oh well’s here’s a link to where I found it let see here i used a size P hook and two strands of yarn. I can’t remember how many sets of 16, I did. That did turn out to be a problem lo. My lap blanket turn into a twin size coverlet. Opps. Oh well when he gets back just means we can both cuddle up under it. And it was done up with Red Heart Super Saver Dark Sage, Soft Navy, and Burgundy. I did four rows of each color (the mistaken fifth row a few times). All in all I think I did a decent job and if nothing less it made for good cushioning in the Christmas parcel.

Mac Ripple - 8 Nov 2006
8 Nov 2006
Mac Ripple - 12 Nov 2006
12 Nov 2006
Mac Ripple - 14 Nov 2006
14 Nov 2006


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