What I’ve been up to the past two weeks

Wow last post was on the 16th of October… and it’s the 30th! So What have I been up to the past two weeks?

Golly. Best to break things down i’ve been rather busy between school and life and all:

Colonial Dress: It’s rather on hold at the moment. So I made a shift using the pattern at MaraRiley.net Minor problems here and there with it. I think it’s mostly my fault though. Ended up waaay to big in my opinion. And I haven’t finished the sleeves so they are a bet off. Other than that the pattern is great.


As for the skirt. I made that Spring break 2006, haha great use of time at the beach. But it actually works rather nicely. The Pannier pattern was rather fun to make to.

IMGP1802 IMGP1806 IMGP1812 IMGP1813

Neck Coolers: Well it’s turn cold over there or atleast cooler. So MacMac is requesting gators now instead of neck Coolers. no biggie, But now I really do have to get a cutting matt and ruler. Blah.

Other: Mini quilts. I decided to practice my hand quilting. Not hand peicing but the actual quilting. made some I think nine by nine inch quilts turned out rather cute.

Quilt 1 is clam shells with honeycomb background.
Quilt 2 is a simply heart border on two sides and straight grid for back ground.
Quilt 3 is three  3-petal flowers on one side with diamond gridding int eh background.
and Quilt 4 is the spiffy one. Using white cloth and white thread A 6in cricle down in celtic knots. In the inside I put the Monogram Big M with Little R and J. and filler was wee diamonds. and outside the ring is honeycomb. I had to back stitch the knots and letters to help them stand out, but i think i did a rather fine job. Yeah me!

Other: Sister Halloween Costume: She’s three years my senior and she and her boyfriend enjoy clubing so natualy she wanted to make something. She wanted to be a Greek Goddess and had pretty much what she wanted in mind. In the end it was a halter top dress. rather simple one she agreed to wear soemthing underneath instead of trying to put a lining in. She wanted to make it herself and just have me supervise. I said to just wear something underneath to reduce the bulk and keep things flowy. Nope she wanted to fully line the entire thing. First end product had a really bulky seam and so she consented and decided to wear a slip underneath.And that’s about it. MacMac hasn’t called since Wednesday night so I’m rather sad and starting to fret about that. Not sure what I’ll do next. Most likely those gators. The Christmas shipping seasons is about to start and I want to make sure the guys (and gals) get these while they can still use them and not roll their eyes.



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