What am I suppose to be doing?

I can’t recall what my plans were for tonight… oh wait I didn’t have any. Sigh. Oh wait it was to talk with MacMac… but alas no call from him tonight… sigh stupid time difference. It’s helpful that he has the night shift, but still I miss him. I am much more amusing to be around when I get a chance to hear from him, ask my meal buddies they’ll tell you.

So what I have I been doing… not much school wise. Got a 91 on my econ test… if I would only study I’d get perfect marks… but I’m not perfect so why do my grades need to be. Oh scholarships, okay so perfect grades would be ideal for not so perfect GPA. Drat forgot to look into getting a math book.

So I’m mad at my Fanfare for the Hero’s quilt. It’s no longer being a happy thought, but sparks the bitter thoughts in my mind. So I’m thinking to put it aside for a bit till my happy thoughts return. Grrrr Evil mother-in-law-to-be making me go more insane… blah.

So what have I been wasting my time working on?

Yesterday I got around to making a few neck cooler prototypes. Very please with their outcome. I played with the little crystals… hehehe they made me smile! 🙂 So I’m thinking tear 45” muslin into 4 to 4.5 inch stripes. Fold in half and sew the long edge (I did ¼ inch yesterday might change to 3/8 inch not sure.) Flip the tube inside out. Mark the center and sew the seam. Pour in crystals (1/8 teaspoon on each side”) and mark 4.5 inch to either side and sew those seams. I’m thinking about taking out the center seam and make a 7 inch pocket with ¼ teaspoon since it’s easier to measure. I will wait for MacMac verdict before switching though.

Today I was all fidgety in Econ and Accounting. Being I really blew my budget over the weekend. (I have no idea what I bought but my budget sheet says I was bad so must obey budget sheet.) So since I couldn’t scale up patterns from my book to keep me out of trouble I did a very very mock version of the JP Ryan stays…

Did I mention I got those in the mail yesterday? So I used a little of the muslin I have for projects to keep me out of trouble and the duct ties I had handy and made a very sad mock up. I did learn that the pattern fits lovely… I think. I merely cur two layers worth of muslin, switch them together, stitch the panels together, and made channels next to the seams and slide in the boning to check basic shape. As long as I’m guess how high/low you are suppose to be wearing the stays, it will do.

But I wont be sure till I make a true mock up which would involve buying some canvas and broadcloth (100% cotton for both) But being it’s a mock up I wont be making eyelets instead I’ll get me some pretty little grommets I saw at Walmart and drat I’ll have to get an awl. But I would have needed an awl either way.

I think the next stay out of trouble project will be panniers. I got the Simplicity pattern for Elizabeth’s Gold dress. I think I was about to hurl over how inaccurate that pattern is. But the pannier pattern it came with looks the most attractive and at 99 cents was the best price. I think I might one day write up a thing on how to make said pattern into something worthy of wearing. I shouldn’t be talking since I’m terrible at this whole costuming thing. But one must start somewhere and I think this may be my last not quite but close costume. Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll make a shift out of the muslin I have. Not a bad idea. My dress form will be happy won’t be standing naked in the closet…. Hmm if I made it a shift maybe I’ll let it stay in my room and not the closet… nah in the closet it will stay for storage. Must be more pretty than just a shift.

Being that it’s only Tuesday I think that’s all the needed to be mentioned. I got the 5 inch square sampler fabric Oh how lovely they look. But hey they are in a box waiting for a address confirmation so I can send them to MacMac. Made progress on sketching out quilt blocks for the two year quilt.

Okay That’s all for right now.

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