Adventures with Patterns of Fashion

So, I got bored waiting for my call from MacMac… Which I actually got around 1900 me happy! Does happy dance.

Anywho I’ve wanted to play with my Patterns of Fashion book for some time but never got around to it till now. So today’s shopping excursion was in search of 1 inch grid paper. Office Depot and Staples had easel size pads of 1inch paper but at $30 a pad I wanted to find something more cost effective. Michaels lacked grid paper but loads of easel pads and sketch pads. Walmart and Kmart had poster board that had a ½ grid to them. Only problem was it was $3.99 for a pack of three sheet… hmm cheaper up front cost but not a really good deal.

Then I remembered gift wrap has a grid on the back side. So I looked around Kmart, their gift wrap didn’t have a grid. But low and behold Walmart had gift wrap with “cutting lines”. But it get’s better. The first display I came across had a roll that claims to cover 4 shirt boxes for $3. I pick it up and walk down the aisle I come across the “value” roll it’s $2.77 and cover 9 shirt boxes. So Bright lime green it is. yeah!

After dinner I started scaling up one of the jacket patterns. If I was smart I would have noted the one I was working on was soooo not near my measurements. Not like any of them are. Sigh they are to small and well and inch or two here and there don’t make a very fun mock up.

But none the less I taught my self the method and insanity of scaling up. I’ll take it back the smallness wasn’t really that bad. I mean I was able to put the thing on… but soooo couldn’t get it to lay right.

As being a mock up I only pin basted it. But the experience was quite worth while. I one thing I now how to go about using a sloper pattern and come close to making the jacket I tried to make. And two reading the book for some helpful hints I realized why it’s pointy on the back side. But then again I could be wrong.

I must get canvas to make my corset mockup. Not having one isn’t making my boredom experiments easy. I suppose that’s all that I mean to report at the moment. Hopefully the need to be craft will focus on none colonial-ness tomorrow and hold off till next week. Drat still haven’t ordered that math book. Sigh

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