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So my dilemma: limit funding. Based on my happy budgeting skills it’s easier to say I can spend x amount of dollars per week and make my bank account happy when my credit card check is due. Alas when you factor in that amount has to entail gas, food, and other basic necessities. Crafting fun gets very little. Now bonus for being in college we have these awful but edible food to eat so that’s mostly taken care off… as long as I remember to bring my student ID back to campus with me on Sundays…. opps.

Anywho I have fifty dollars a week. I blew it this week, but it’s because I ended up buying two agenda’s and wont be in the area to return one till tomorrow so I guess I’m okay.

My current projects right now are: Celtic Christmas (cross stitch), The Romantic Stitcher (cross stitch), Runes Sampler (cross stitch), Graduation Quilt (can you guess?: Quilt), Fanfare for the Heroes (Quilt) and I think that’s it.

Cross stitch: I worked on all summer so I’m haven’t been in the mood to work on them again. And the Graduation quilt top is done just needs the borders to be sewn on. And Fanfare is well coming along quickly but slowly.

So what more madness do I want to add? Well I want to make a colonial dress. And I have a two year quilt I have in mind.

I’d like to get the basic supplies so I can start toggling between projects and not just hand sew. (get boring after awhile just hand piecing and cross stitching). Things are divided into two groups: quilt and Dress. quilt is well just fabric and fabric. dress is patterns, fabric, and books. I don’t really need anymore books on colonial clothing but I want them. lol.

The hard part is everything has a starting fee and then as you go along. I want to start two things at once (probably not a bright choice, but i can’t decided between them. (dress I want done, quilt we? want done. lol)

So what shall I invest in this weekend? Maybe a wee bit of both? A shift can be made “pattern”-less and not much fabric is involved. That leave a little to go towards getting some of this charm samples i want and the pattern to go with. And mayhaps next week get the stays pattern, dote over the blocks. I guess that’s a good idea.

Running low on my battery till next time.

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