Not What I Planned But It Shall Do

So everything I said I might do on Friday, I very much didn’t do…

Friday night was delightful to some degree. The Student Government people had a Craft night at the Student center. The craft was silly, but the message to bring you own craft let me find out who the fun people were. Apparently the fun people are the Senior Accounting Students. Here’s hoping we get a quilt circle going, else maybe a craft circle. What fun. I’ve been musing over starting one but didn’t know anyone, so finding the seniors will help something get started. It’s nice to know that I wouldn’t be in charge, so lack leadership skills.

Saturday was busy and productive… kind of. I was intending to do what I planned the day before but well it just didn’t happen. I decided I ought to start the project I said I would last spring: to make neck cooler thingies for MacMac’s Platoon… not company that’s too big… squad’s too small to I guess platoon.

Anywho I looked into the water crystals. What I found locally didn’t please me much so I went online. One site recommended WaterSorb. But I found Water Keep to be a neater website and cheaper… but I ordered their sample pack for $2 to see how much is needed. I think it’ll be fine. But I’ll find out by next week or the week after. Depends if they send it to my address at school or if they sent it to me billing address.

I went to my dad’s house to play with my twin half brothers. Rather cute I think I’m starting to like them… Definitely wishing I was at the point in my life to have them so I can have like zero sleep but a cute bundle to somehow off set it.

Went to Mom’s house afterwards, treated myself to the 5″ charm squared I’d been looking out for. I’m very found of Moda’s Kansas Troubles fabric line. I’m thinking of making a sampler like quilt for the quilt I’m planning and thinking about using fabric from various Kansas Trouble Lines. Any ways I have a charm pack of Meadow Waltz, and figure that they were compact enough that I’d order the current lines in 5″ size so that I could mail them to MacMac for him to approve or deny. But we have similar taste so I’m hoping it all works.

As for making a shift, the complications of not having a measuring tape is kind of making things a problem, and I’m too lazy to find one. But when I get the muslin for the neck coolers I’ll get a little (a lot) extra to make a shift. When I’m making my test run of the gown I want I’ll make a nicer version of the shift… maybe handkerchief linen and a wee bit of tatting on the sleeves to make it something special. hmm not sure may stick to white work embroidery instead… maybe both.

That’s about all I can think of. Till next time.

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